How to organize a large number of Routes in Zend Framework 2

We have a lot of routes for our application. We are using child_routes to try to keep them organized, but the config files still get very long and difficult to read through.

Does anyone know of a better way to organize the routes?

We're using Zend Studio, does anyone know of tools in it that can help?


TL\DR: not using ZF2

Well, that's config files and the current routing and there's nothing really to change that. When it comes to ZF3 however, the routing config should go down a little. This becomes even more true when you'll be using the short array syntax [].

You can take a loot at the draft of the ZF3 Router here (remember, this can still change!)

Using indexed parameters for routes, we'll be able to keep the config to a minimum of what we need. And considering you'll be using php 5.5 it can be simplified even further using UserController::class instead of Application\Controller\UserController

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