Get the total mapping and reducing times in hadoop programmatically

I am trying to calculate the individual total times of Mapping, Shuffling and Reducing by all tasks in my MR code.

I need help retrieving that information for each MapReduce Job.

Can someone post any code snippet that does that calculation?


You need to use the JobClient API as shown below: There are however some quirks to the API. Try it let me know i will help you out.

    JobClient client = null;

         Configuration configuration = new Configuration();

        configuration.set("mapred.job.tracker", jobTrackerURL);
        client = new JobClient(new JobConf(configuration));

        while (true) {

            List<JobStatus> jobEntries = getTrackerEntries(jobName,

                    for (JobStatus jobStatus : jobEntries) {

                        JobID jobId = jobStatus.getJobID();
                        String trackerJobName = client.getJob(jobId)
                        TaskReport[] mapReports = client
                        TaskReport[] reduceReports = client

                        int jobMapper = mapReports.length;
                        mapNumber = +jobMapper;
                        int jobReducers = reduceReports.length;
                        reduceNumber = +jobReducers;


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