Can this type of workflow possible in Oozie?

Can this type of workflow possible in Oozie?

or any suggestions on how to do this type of things in oozie

Please look at the picture attached

Task3 should be run by only one work flow at a time other workflow needs to wait.

Task3 is ssh action only one needs to access that machine at a time.


This can be done.

Using the fork and join

Fork to create wf 1 & 2 and join then start task 3 , than fork again .

You may need to refactor your action to match this design and split your workflows, so the design will match what you want to achieve

To generalize the answer, any workflow that can be represented in the form of a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) is possible in Oozie. Ofcourse, this is bounded by the ecosytem and tools supported by Oozie.

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