wiping out the Zookeeper data directory

I am very new to Hadoop/Hbase and zookeeper. I am facing following exception while running create table command in hbase shell.

org.apache.hadoop.hbase.PleaseHoldException: Master is initializing

in this question it is mentioned that i need to follow these steps:

1. Stop Zookeeper  
2. Wipe the Zookeeper data directory  
3. Restart it

To resolve this issue.

Can someone please explain how to perform these steps in Ubuntu. Any Help will be highly appreciated


/zookeeperHome/conf/zoo.cfg: file will have data directroy details

tickTime=2000 dataDir=/var/zookeeper clientPort=2181

see this

By default, the data directory is /tmp/zookeeper. Otherwise check zoo.cfg file. Check for property dataDir and clean up corresponding direcrory.

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