how to fix "Error in textConnection(text) : all connections are in use" in R?

In R I tried to read a fairly large csv file (4200KB) but encountered the following error. It is strange that I ran the same command before without any problem. The only thing changed was I recently updated my R from 3.01 to 3.03. Not sure this would affect anything.

If anyone has a thought/experience on how to fix it, it would be much appreciated!

> xml2csv(xmlFile,csvFile)

 Error in textConnection(text) : all connections are in use 


9 textConnection(text) 

8 read.table(text = data, sep = sep, fill = TRUE, row.names = NULL, 
    header = FALSE, blank.lines.skip = FALSE, strip.white = TRUE, 
    col.names = paste("v", sequence(max(x)))) 

7 read.concat(a, names(data[split.col]), sep) 

6 concat.split.compact(data = data, split.col = split.col, sep = sep, 
    drop = drop, fixed = fixed) 

5 concat.split(data[split.cols[x]], split.cols[x], seps[x], drop = TRUE) 

4 FUN(1:686[[125L]], ...) 

3 lapply(seq_along(split.cols), function(x) {
    concat.split(data[split.cols[x]], split.cols[x], seps[x], 
        drop = TRUE)

2 concat.split.multiple(Y, as.vector(colnames(Y))[-c(1:2)], ":") at IFN_functions.r#115

1 xml2csv(xmlFile, csvFile)


The error message is fairly self-explanatory; all text connections are in use :). Are you using other connections in the code? And if so, are you closing them after you're done with them with close(con)?

The limit of maximum number of open connections is currently set to be 128. It is hardcoded into the R source code as constant / macro NCONNECTIONS in src/main/connections.c

You may look at the workaround posted on Wishlist for R:

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