Searching XML element in whole document with Groovy XmlParser

I'm using the Groovy XmlParser to read some XML document. This works fine as long as I know where the elements are located in the tree. However I haven't yet found a way to search the whole XML document for an element like e.g. in XPath //ElementName.

What's the Groovy way of doing this?


Looking for something like this?

def xml = 

def parsed = new XmlParser().parseText(xml)
assert ['John', 'Tony', 'Captain'] == 
          parsed.depthFirst().findAll { == 'firstName' }*.text()

also (as mentioned by Tim) you can use '**' for depthFirst search

assert ['John', 'Tony', 'Captain'] == 
          parsed.'**'.findAll { == 'firstName' }*.text()

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