Sync ASP.NET website with web server?

I have an IIS 8 web server with FTP access configured. On my development PC, I created a new ASP.NET project with Visual Studio 2013. How can I "publish" / upload my project to the web server on build? I noticed that while creating a project, I can choose "FTP" to create the files on the webserver, but then Visual Studio doesn't create the folder structure, include jquery, sample code, etc.


In Visual Studio you can create a publish profile and configure your FTP server on it. Then, after the publish profile is created, you can use the "One-Click Publish" feature to send the files to your server. It even has some preview options, that allow you to see the changes that are being made.

Here is a link from Microsoft describing the entire process:

And here is another useful link from Microsoft containing an overview of the web deployment process for Visual Studio and ASP.Net applications

Both links are targeted to Visual Studio 2012, but i think they also apply for VS 2013

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