Application Center mobile client - cannot login via HTTPS connection

I have prepared an environment where the appcenter mobile client installed on iOS devices are able to browse through the available apps and install them. After making sure it worked, we moved the environment into HTTPS, with the SSL certificate installed on a reverse proxy and the configuration in the JNDI for app center done.

With this, i managed to browse to the installers catalog via the device browser, i.e. the installers.html page. After getting the AppCenter mobile client installed, i then try to login to the server via the mobile client via a HTTPS URL. Instead i hit an error:

Connection failed. Check your connection details (Could not connect to the server).

The URL i use is

with the SSL option set to ON

I suspect that i would need to install the SSL cert in the installer for the mobile client. Is that the case? Any pointers for this is welcomed. The Worklight version is 6.1

Thank you


After checking the cert, it seems that the cert we acquired from the public CA (Verisign in our case) is not in the list found here:

Will this give any implication that we need to manually install the cert into the device for it to work?


Solved this issue by specifying the SSL port 443 in the URL, so the URL to use is:

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