Routing to static html page in /public

How can I route /foo to display /public/foo.html in Rails?


You can do this:

Add this, into your routes.rb file.

match '/foo', :to => redirect('/foo.html')


In Rails 4, it should use "get", not "match":

get '/foo', :to => redirect('/foo.html')

thanks Grant Birchmeier

This can be done without triggering a redirect. Follow the steps further down to be able to route static files in config/routes.rb as shown in this example:

# This route will serve public/index.html at the /login URL 
# path, and have a URL helper named `login_path`:
get "/login", to: static("index.html")

# This route will serve public/register.html at the /register
# URL path, and have URL helper named `new_user_registration_path`:
get "/register", to: static("register.html"), as: :new_user_registration
  1. Install the rails-static-router gem:
  2. Restart app (first bin/spring stop to be sure app is completely reloaded).
  3. Start using the static(path) method in your config/routes.rb.

E.g in Rails 4 add the following route:

get '/example', :to => redirect('example.html')

Also you need to enable static files from the 'public' directory in your configuration:

config.serve_static_files = true


config.serve_static_assets = true

Also you might need to provide your public directory as root in NGINX configuration.

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