Use of undeclared type 'UIImage' in Swift

On using this function in swift and i am getting compiler error. Function is:

class func imageWithImage (imageToResize : UIImage, scaledToSize newSize : CGSize) {
    return imageToResize;

and the error are:

  1. Use of undeclared type 'UIImage'
  2. Use of undeclared type 'CGSize'

What's wrong with this..? what can i do to use UIImage in Swift..?


Did you add import UIKit to your file?

I have run on this issue when duplicated a framework target on swift. As a result and .h (that is umbrella[About] and is located in Build Phases -> Headers) were different(because it just copied from upstream target). The umbrella file contains #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

  • Create <new_framework_target_name>.h and add #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> or
  • Rename Product Name (Build Settings) as upstream_framework_target_name.h

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