Use desktop webinspector to clear cache in mobile safari?

Is it possible to clear mobile safari cache using the desktop web inspector in Safari?

I know I can go to the settings in the iphone, but it's a bit of a hazzle and since the phone already is teathered to the computer while debugging, it would be really nice if I could clear it thourgh the webinspector in safari.


You can use SHIFT + COMMAND + R while in the developer tools web inspector to force mobile safari to reload its cache.

I had another problem which was that Fiddler also has a cache. I also had to clear that as I was running the iPad through the fiddler proxy.

Once I cleared the fiddler cache, and then used SHIFT + COMMAND + R, I could see the iPad requesting and receiving the new files.

I came across this issue with safari 11.1, and the answer was really simple. There is actually a button on the right top corner of the network tab to disable caching when debugging. I thought about leaving this just in case someone else miss the button just like I did. ( the one in blue )

I'm using Safari 11.1 on a macbook, and using Web Inspector connected to an iPhone with iOs 11.2.6.

From the Web Inspector, if I use the key board short cut: OPTION + COMMAND + R, it both clears the cache and reloads the page.

Well, there is an option for this in the Develop menu - however it doesn't appear to work.

A simple way around this is to add a new parameter to your url eg.

(of course having the functionality working in Web Inspector would be better)

Old thread but if you have your iphone connected to your desktop developer tools, you can hit OPTION + CMD + E (shortcut for empty caches) while viewing the web inspector that is connected to the iphone. Then hit the refresh button in your iphone browser.

Make sure you are really connected (Develop > Your Phone Name > The Website being viewed on phone) It should show on your desktop developer tools dropdown menu.

Safari 11.1 High Sierra ios 11.4

Nothing here worked for me on iOs 11.4.1. After digging around in the network tab I found Command + K which is "Clear Network Items". I hope this helps someone.

Try Cmd+alt+R when iPhone is connected and your inspecting with developer mode. It worked for me!

You can connect your iPhone to a MacBook via USB and use the Safari Web Inspector Once you are connected, you can use Develop -> Empty Caches.

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