Redirect to a new tab within javascript file

I have code that sets:

top.location.href = [someurl]

But I want it to open up in a new tab. Is there anyway to have the above code include: target="_blank"?


Use the method, target) to open a new window (it depends on the browser or the user's settings whether the URL is opened in a new window or tab):'', '_blank');

For more information about, read the documentation at w3schools.

Please note: Randomly opening a new window (or tab) isn't allowed in most browsers, because it is then treated as an "unwanted popup".

If you're doing this in response to a user's action (such as a click), you can use"someurl", "_blank");

On most browsers with default settings, that will open a new tab rather than a new window. The user is, of course, in charge and can change the settings so it's a new window instead.

You cannot do this with a decent browser if it's not in response to a user's click, so that web pages cannot open tabs randomly.

Use this code ('URL', "_newtab" );    

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