Java programming requirements

I am a C# programmer. I want to learn Java to implement my windows application. But I don't know what IDE and what tools can help me.

Please help me to choose best platform and IDE and other tools.

Edit: Thank You For Your Helping. And What is Best Ebooks and UserGuids to Learn java.


First, download the java jdk.

Later, install an IDE. I suggest you to use Eclipse, I like it:

Another one very used is Netbeans:

Have Fun!

There are really three big IDE's that people use:



Intellij IDEA (my personal favorite)

The online Java Tutorials are a great place to start learning the language.

Eclipse or NetBeans will be your best bet for an IDE (in my options)

Set up Git for source control

Use Maven to manage your builds (if you're getting that complex)

There's a short tutorial along with a great comparison table here. It's a Java tutorial aimed at C# developers.

Java is very close to C# you don't need more than eclipse (Actually I prefer it more than Netbeans) and search for any syntax you want in the Java documentation


  • First you need to download Java development kit(J2SE 6) from Sun's website


  • eclipse or netbeans


By the way, welcome to Java's world :)

Welcome to Java World. You can either use Swing or SWT for windows form like development. Here is a good link to get started with SWT .

On top of what the other user's have already recommended, I would suggest getting familiarized with a J2EE container. It will come in handy in the future. Here is a link on what it is. JBOSS container is free and a pretty good one to use in my opinion. You can download it here.

For Windows app with SWT / AWT gui you should know there are plugins for IDE that help you to create your gui. Check for exemple Matisse for NetBeans.

Once you have Eclipse up and running, you should look at the Visual Editor Project plugin at Eclipse for developing windows applications. Hand-coding all of the SWT stuff is a big pain and hence the plugin will help.

netbensIDE will help u

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