Maven Thrift repository

Does anyone know if the Thrift libraries are in any Maven repository?


0.6.1 artifacts now available from main apache repo (


I'm not sure what the Thrift libraries are (next time, maybe add a link) but according to Maven Browser, there is a thrift artifact in the scala-tools repository:


Update: I can't say much about the version (and the content) hosted in the scala-tools repository but this is very likely an artifact made available by the scala folks for their own needs. Actually, the Apache Thrift project is using Ivy and publishing the java library to a maven repository (it will be the Apache snapshots repository, see THRIFT-363) is something on which they didn't work until recently. But the issue is closed now and my understanding is that they will publish an artifact with the next release.

As of now there are not any available, you will have to include the jar in your local repository.

You can set up something like Artefactory, a local repository and add the libthrift.jar there.

You can search Maven repository from there.

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