Sonar and Eclipse IAM Plugin

When I am using the newest IAM Eclipse Plugin for Maven with the current Sonar version on a JDK 6 and I get an error while executing the sonar:sonar goal in

clean install sonar:sonar

The error in eclipse is

23:02:55 MESZ Starting Starting mojoExecution sonar-core:internal
23:03:44 MESZ fatal org.sonar.maven2.BatchMojo#execute() caused a linkage error (java.lang.NoSuchMethodError). Check the realms:

Any idea how to fix it?

PS: If I do a mvn clean install sonar:sonar manually this it not an issue.


It seems hard to say anything with the current level of detail (it's often preferable to mention the versions of the software you're using: Maven, the sonar plugin, the JDK). Anyway, my suggestion would be to try on the command line first (i.e. outside of Eclipse). If it doesn't work, update your question with your pom (the sonar plugin part), your maven version, the error trace (with more lines).

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