How to integrate maven generated vaadin project into eclipse vaadin plugin?

Eclipse Vaadin plugin has cool autobuild feature. Just clicking "restart application" in debug console will bring up to date application version to live.

Unfortunately importing maven generated vaadin project(using m2e) and copy-pasting .project buildCommands and natures from vaadin eclipse plugin generated project does not works.

I'm unnable to "Run on server...", tomcat does not deploy app for unknown reason. I can see app in wtpapps folder but it still does not deploys.


You can build your Vaadin app as a regular Java library, by itself (not as a WAR, or anything complicated). Then do two things: Create another project that builds the actual WAR file, and create another project that sets up Jetty for direct execution (google for details on how to get Vaadin operating under Jetty standalone, using Jetty as a library). With that in place you can treat your Vaadin UI like a regular java program (fast, direct restart through the standard debug window), and still have it be a WAR file for deployment.

See this thread for details on how to set up Jetty (look for Launcher).

I have also stumbled upon this problem some time ago and eventually found this:

It eventually helped me to get up and running after a scenario that has been very similar to what you have described.

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