How do you create a simple Objective-C command line project in Xcode

I'm moving from a C# VS2008 world into the Mac world and I just wanted to know how I can create a quick little command line based application so that I can write many little Objective-C apps without worrying about creating an iPhone app or whatever.

Which projects do I create in Xcode? I can see the Command Line Tool under "Mac OS X" but the only options for the type is "C", "C++", "Core Data", "Core Foundation", "Core Services" and "Foundation" but no simple Objective-C project ?



"Foundation" is the one you want. The Foundation framework is Apple's "standard library" for Objective-C that provides all the basic classes like NSArray, NSString, NSNumber, and much more. Since "plain" Objective-C without Foundation is not very useful for most applications, Apple probably chose to name its project template after the Foundation library.

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