How to install a free market application on an android simulator

I want to install the Photoshop mobile on my emulator. I need to do test the Mobile integration for image editing. But I dont know how to do that. I cannot access the market from the emulator. Can anyone tell me how I can install it on my simulator.


I want to install the Photoshop mobile on my emulator.

AFAIK, Adobe only makes that application available through the Android Market. If you wish to integrate with it, please use your Android device. You need one of those anyway in order to test your application on hardware.

From Eclipse (supposing it's attached to Android Development Kit), get the application bundle (.apk). Then Import it to Eclipse.

Run it and it will appear in the emulator.

You should get the apk file from some other source, free to download or ask a friend to get it for you. Then you will push that file to the sdcard of the emulator via the DDMS file explorer, and you will install it by launching it.

You need the .apk file to run it. Browse the android market from your emulator, locate the app and click and follow the instructions. As pentium said, ask Adobe to send you the apk file and install it on emulator, I do it this way Install.

OK finally I found a way to do this. Not sure if there are any rules broken while doing this.

Steps to get the free APK and download it is detailed at

Once u have the apk with you use the following ADB command to install it on the emulator

adb install <path_to_apk>

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