How can I convert an ArrayList<Vector3f> to a ByteBuffer?

I'm trying to create a TriangleIndexVertexArray with JBullet, but to do this I need to parse a ByteBuffer of all the vertices in the model.

I have got an ArrayList<Vector3f> of all the vertices in the model.

How can I parse this list of Vector3f's to a ByteBuffer?


You can do it as follow

Declaring your vertices

ArrayList<Vector3f> verticesnew = new ArrayList<Vector3f>();

Set your vertices

vertices.add( new Vector3f(someVertice) );

Get Float buffer from vertices:

// There are 3 floats needed for each vertex (x,y,z)
int bufferSize = vertices.size() * 3 * Float.SIZE;
FloatBuffer verticesBuffer = ByteBuffer.allocateDirect( bufferSize ).order( ByteOrder.nativeOrder() ).asFloatBuffer();

// Copy the values from the list to the direct float buffer
for ( Vector3f v : vertices )
    verticesBuffer.put( v.x ).put( v.y ).put( v.z );

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