VS2010 .NET Memory Analysis - extremely slow

Running VS2010's .NET Memory Allocation analysis takes ages to complete.

The program itself ran for about 3 minutes and generated 35GB of memory allocations. The profiler's output file is about 28GB. The report analysis process took over three hours (on a dual Xeon with 8GB RAM) to complete.

This has happened to me every time I've run the memory profiler. Is this your experience also with this tool? Is there anything to do to speed up this process?



Try increasing the amount of RAM available to VS2010 by using the following link, you can also use it in VS 2012 and it really does makes a difference to performance (especially build times on large projects). Hopefully this will also help you with memory allocation analysis:


I had the same issue but did not really find a solution for it. If you need the profiler on a regular basis it might be worth looking at commercial ones. Here is a list of other ones. I think all of them are available as trial version.

There are also many other posts on StackOverflow.

Good Luck, Stephan

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