Javascript If List Cotains?


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If chatBoxes is an object, you need to use the flag to findout whether the object contains the said value, then after the loop you need to do the action which is depending on the contains flag.

var contains = false;
for (x in chatBoxes) {
    if (chatBoxes[x] == obj[i].from) {
        contains = true;

if (contains) {
    alert(obj[i].from + " YES !");
} else {
    alert(obj[i].from + " NOPE !");

But if chatBoxes is an array

if(chatBoxes.indexOf(obj[i].from) > -1){
    alert(obj[i].from + " YES !");
} else {
    alert(obj[i].from + " NOPE !");

Assuming chatBoxes is an array, use indexOf()

if (chatBoxes.indexOf(obj[ i ].from) > -1)

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