Why can't a variable name end with `?` while a method name can?

A method name can end with a question mark ?

def has_completed?
  return count > 10

but a variable name cannot.

What is the reason for that? Isn't it convenient to have variable names ending the same way too? Given that we usually can't tell whether foobar is a method or a variable just by looking at the name foobar anyway, why the exception for the ? case?

And how should I work with this? Maybe always to use has or is in the code?

if process_has_completed

if user_is_using_console


You'd have to ask Matz to get an authoritative answer. However,

  • Ruby is an untyped programming language and a variable like finished? would imply a specific type (boolean) which appears somewhat contradictory to me.
  • A question somewhat requires a receiver (who can answer the question). A method must have a receiver (the object the method is called on), so a question mark makes sense. A variable on the other hand has no receiver, it's a mere container.

Now this is just a thought, but I think methods with names like empty? suggest that a some sort of check has to be made inside and object or a class (depending on the context). This check or evaluation means an action must be done. Overall, since we are asking (thus, ?) object for some state, means there is a possibility that object's state could change throughout the application's lifecycle. A variable could be outdated, but ?-method (check) will be done in the specific moment, thus providing an up-to-date information on some state that could be presented in a boolean form.

So I'd like to think that this is a design constraint provided by the architect (Matz) to enforce a more logical, close-to-real-life coding approach.

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