How to trace system calls of a program in Mac OS X

I wanted to trace the system calls made by the find command to debug some performance issues however I could not figure out how to do this on Mac OS X Yosemite. How can I trace system calls for an arbitrary program similarly to what strace does on FreeBSD? I am especially interested in tracing file-system related calls.


You can use dtruss like in

sudo dtruss find ~/repo -depth 2 -type d -name '.git'

The manual page of that utility will help you to tailor the use of the tool to your needs.

Under current versions of macOS, executables under paths covered by SIP (like /usr/bin) cannot be traced.

You can bypass this by making a copy of the executable in your home directory and tracing the copy:

cp /usr/bin/find find
sudo dtruss ./find …

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