How to store a string and display only part of it

I am using datatables with mysql and php to display records and I have a column called 'Notes' which may contain 1 or more newlines, ( chr(10) ).

I am using

while( $row=mysqli_fetch_assoc($records) ){......

to fill the table and

$('#example tbody').on( 'click', 'tr',  function ()......


Notes = $('td', this).eq(6).text();

to get the value of 'notes' (and others) in the clicked row for populating an edit dialog.

All working fine.

I have been asked if it's possible to display only the first line of the notes column in the table which I have done using 'strpos' and 'substr' and it's OK

Unfortunately because the edit dialog gets it's data from the table I'm now only getting the first line.....

I'm guessing I need to collect the entire field before I chop off the back bit and then use this collection (maybe in an array ??) to populate the edit dialog.

I'm afraid I'm still a bit 'green' here and not sure of the best approach or how to fill and then access the array.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks Barmar, this looks like a nice clean fix but I'm not there yet..... I have added the CSS and the following code snippets..

** ListNotes = $('td:nth-child(6) .expanded', this).text();

and inside the php table 'while loop'

$findme = chr(10); 
$pos = strpos($row['ListNotes'], $findme); 
$lft = substr($row['ListNotes'], 0, $pos); 
echo "<td><span class='abbreviated'>".$lft."</span><span class='expanded'>".$row['ListNotes']."</span></td>";

and the table is displayed as expected.

I put a break in Firebug after the line marked ** and 'ListNotes' is an empty string ("") ??? I was hoping it would contain the whole string including any chr(10)'s. Have I done something wrong?


Put the full text in a hidden span:

<td><span class="abbreviated">First line...</span><span class="expanded">First line<br>Second line<br>Third line</span></td>

with CSS:

.expanded {
  display: none;

When you edit, get the notes to expand from the .expanded span:

var text = $('td:nth-child(6) .expanded', this).text();

After the edit, store the abbreviated and expanded result back into the appropriate spans:

$('td:nth-child(6) .expanded', this).text(edited_text);
$('td:nth-child(6) .abbreviated', this).text(abbreviated_text);

I meant to answer my own question a while ago but forgot. Here's how I solved it. In the table display I had 1 displayed column with the truncated string and 1 hidden column with the complete string. I used the hidden column for the edit dialog. Simple and effective.

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