Prevent system properties/variables being evaluated in Java properties?

I am using Spring to load properties:

<util:properties id="service-properties">
        <prop key="postScript"></prop>

<bean class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer" id="propertyConfigurer"><property name="properties" ref="service-properties" />

However, one of the properties can have a value like the following (this is a camel xml simple language snippet):


The problem, is when I get the value of this property, it is:


I think it seems to be trying to resolve the ${in.header.type} variable, thinking it is a system variable maybe?

I'd like to know how to stop this variable being resolved? I've tried escaping it with quotes but no good.


Got an answer for this from the Camel docs :-)

Alternative syntax

From Camel 2.5 onwards you can also use the alternative syntax which uses $simple{ } as placeholders. This can be used in situations to avoid clashes when using for example Spring property placeholder together with Camel.

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