Google Analytics to Cache Location Data for Users Accessing via Known Proxy

I have a website hosted on an internal work network, which is exclusively accessed through a proxy. Since all of the requests are being routed through the proxy, the location data is singular. Specific location data is primarily what I'm interested in aggregating.

Is there a way to drill down to get more refined location data with GA?

Is there a better alternative for location based tracking of requests?

Is this fundamentally the point of a proxy, and is there no possible way for me to get the data I want?


Pass users IP adress as a parameter

The geolocation data are derrived from IP adress.

Your server will extrend each hit by:

&uip=    // IP address
&ua=Opera/9.80  // User agent

Or you can do it in JavaScript:

ga('set', '&uip', ''); ga('set', '&ua', 'Opera/9.80');

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