Unicode string normalization in C/C++

Am wondering how to normalize strings (containing utf-8/utf-16) in C/C++. In .NET there is a function String.Normalize .

I used UTF8-CPP in the past but it does not provide such a function. ICU and Qt provide string normalization but I prefer lightweight solutions.

Is there any "lightweight" solution for this?


As I wrote in another question, utf8proc is a very nice, lightweight, library for basic Unicode functionality, including Unicode string normalization.

For Windows, there is the NormalizeString() function (unfortunately for Vista and later only - as far as I see on MSDN):


It's the simplest way to go that I have found so far. I guess it's quite lightweight too.

int NormalizeString(
    _In_      NORM_FORM NormForm,
    _In_      LPCWSTR   lpSrcString,
    _In_      int       cwSrcLength,
    _Out_opt_ LPWSTR    lpDstString,
    _In_      int       cwDstLength

You could build ICU with minimal (or possibly, no other data- I think all of the normalization data is now internal), and then statically link. I haven't tried this recently, but I believe the total size is pretty small in that case.

"Lightweight" in your context means "with limited functionality". I would use ICU source as an example, and reference http://unicode.org/reports/tr15/ to implement this "lightweight" functionality.

A good UTF-8 solution is glib's g_utf8_normalize() function. Would require to convert std::wstring to std::string (utf16 to utf8) if you need this for wstring too (which would make it quite an expensive solution, hence I'm looking myself for a better solution, if possible with pure C++(11) means).

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