How to use Maven pom to download jar files only to a specific directory?

Is there a way to download dependencies from a pom.xml file to a specified folder in java? I'm able to run maven command from java and I got download messages, but I don't know where maven stores these libraries? How can I download these dependencies to a specific folder?


Take a look at maven's dependency plugin, specifically the copy-dependencies goal. The usage section describes how to do exactly what you want.

To do it from the command line just do:

$ mvn dependency:copy-dependencies -DoutputDirectory=OUTPUT_DIR

Add something similar to the following to pom.xml:


Then run mvn clean dependency:copy-dependencies to perform the copy. Combine this with the assembly plugin and you can package everything into a self contained archive for distribution.

  1. Go to this site:

  2. Insert the Maven dependencies XML

  3. Download the jar files as a ZIP.

As explained here, you can use maven-dependency-plugin:get for this.

For example, if you want to download org.apache.hive:hive-common:2.1.1 in your local folder, execute this:

mvn dependency:get -Ddest=./ -Dartifact=org.apache.hive:hive-common:2.1.1

If you want to download the latest 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT:tar.gz version of com.orientechnologies:orientdb-community-gremlin from snapshots repository, execute this:

mvn dependency:get -Ddest=./ -DremoteRepositories=sonatype-nexus-snapshots:::: -Dartifact=com.orientechnologies:orientdb-community-gremlin:3.0.0-SNAPSHOT:tar.gz

Maven stores all of these in it's local Maven2 repository. By default, it will store them in your user home directory under a directory called repository.

You can use the maven-dependency-plugin's goal called copy to take all of your project's dependencies and put them in a folder.

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