How to test a server side function in Meteor without including it in global namespace

In my server side file I have two functions defined for which I want to write test cases which are residing in a file in tests directory.


calcSha1Hash = (params) ->
    .... logic...
anotherFunc = () ->
    x = calcSha1Hash(params)


MochaWeb?.testOnly () ->
  describe.only("Hash generation.  ", () ->
    it(" calcSha1Hash returns Hash.", (dn) ->
      dataDict = {email: ''}
      hash = calcSha1Hash (dataDict)

How is it possible to call the server side func(calcSha1Hash) in my test case in Meteor


Unless there is a meteor-specific way to do this, you can implement the solution from How to Unit Test Private Functions in JavaScript

You will need to have a single global variable (something like TestAPI). Then add your functions to it inside of a closure so you can access them from anywhere.

Here's an example from the article:

var myModule = (function() {

  function foo() {
    // private function `foo` inside closure
    return "foo"

  var api = {
    bar: function() {
      // public function `bar` returned from closure
      return "bar"

  /* test-code */
  api._foo = foo
  /* end-test-code */

  return api

Someone might have something better, but that's a start.

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