A correct way to convert byte[] in java to unsigned char* in C++, and vice versa?

I'm newbie in C++ and JNI, I try to find a correct way to convert byte[] in java to unsigned char* in C++ by using JNI, and vice versa ! (I'm working on android) After looking for a solution in google and SO, I haven't found a good details way to convert byte[] in java to C++. Please help me, and provide a solution for a vice versa (unsigned char* in C++ to byte[] in java). Thanks very much

  • byte[] in java to unsigned char* in C++:


private static native void nativeReceiveDataFromServer(byte[] value, int length);


... (JNIEnv* env, jobject thiz, jbyteArray array, jint array_length)

PS: I modified my question for being a real question for my problem :(


You can use this to convert unsigned char array into a jbyteArray

jbyteArray as_byte_array(unsigned char* buf, int len) {
    jbyteArray array = env->NewByteArray (len);
    env->SetByteArrayRegion (array, 0, len, reinterpret_cast<jbyte*>(buf));
    return array;

to convert the other way around...

unsigned char* as_unsigned_char_array(jbyteArray array) {
    int len = env->GetArrayLength (array);
    unsigned char* buf = new unsigned char[len];
    env->GetByteArrayRegion (array, 0, len, reinterpret_cast<jbyte*>(buf));
    return buf;

The array buf is a variable on stack. After leaving the function is this variable undefined.

A solution is separating this function in two, one to compute the size and another with a pointer to now the allocated array as parameter to fill in the values.

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