Android Test Module (Gradle Plugin 1.3) doesn't work: "debug-classes not found"

I'm attempting to set up a unit test module as described in the android studio blog post. However, doing a gradle build fails telling me "Configuration with name 'debug-classes' not found". Debug is the name of the targetVariant it's trying to build, but I don't understand what is going wrong here.

Here's my test module's gradle file.

apply plugin: ''

android {
compileSdkVersion 22
buildToolsVersion "22.0.1"

targetProjectPath ':app'
targetVariant 'debug'

This is the blogpost describing the new test module functionality.

I'm using the Gradle plugin v1.3.0


I was also curious about separating app code and test code and i had hard time to figure it out. I look at the stack trace and found the DependencyManager (line 238) having a TODO to fix that in gradle.

1) You are right about the build flavors.You have to enter the correct variant

targetVariant '<flavor>Debug'


targetVariant 'flavor1Debug'

2) You also need to change you targetProjectPath's module build.gradle. Add the following snippet:

android {

    // ...

    publishNonDefault true

    // ...


which publishes all build variants! It its disabled by default due to some limitations of gradle.

Here is a sample app that works

You must use

buildToolsVersion = '23.0.0rc3'

And of course

publishNonDefault true

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