Qt GUI looks different on Linux, Mac, and Windows

When I am creating a UI application using Qt, I saw that when I am running on Mac, Windows, and Linux the UI are different, especially the space between widgets (button, checkbox, etc) and also the margin on text inside the widgets. On my Mac the space between widget are way too big I think, so UI look are very bad on Mac. Is there anything I can do to make it better? But when I saw QtCreator on Linux, Windows, and Mac, they looks the same. What is the technique used by QtCretor UI?

Sorry I can not share the looks of my app here, due to my contract.


To enforce the same look, you can set the style when you start your application through QApplication::setStyle(). Then it should look the same on all platforms. You probably loose the native look, though.

You can try to use qtconfig command to setup Look And Feel

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