UITabBarController's TabBar blocking UIViewController that is pushed by UINavigationController it hosts

I have a UITabBarController which has 5 tabs. Each of which has host a UINavigationController.

Everything is working well except that everytime each of these UINavigationController push a ViewController. Their bottom part is blocked by the UITabBar. Which is normal.

But i am wondering is it possible to have the UIViewController above the UITabBar?

Any idea how?


Here is the structure

    Tab 0: UINavigationController
    Tab 1: UINavigationController
    Tab 2: UINavigationController
    Tab 3: UINavigationController
    Tab 4: UINavigationController

So everytime that the NavigationController push a Uiviewcontroller. That UIViewController position is still blocked by the UITabBar since it is below it.

How do I have the UIViewController above the TabBar?


Can you try doing this and see if it works?

destinationController.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = true

Do this right before you segue into the destination view controller.

Hope this helps.

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