Docker follow symlink outside context

Yet another Docker symlink question. I have a bunch of files that I want to copy over to all my Docker builds. My dir structure is:

    - common_files
        - file.txt
    - dir1
        - Dockerfile  
        - symlink -> ../common_files

In above example, I want file.txt to be copied over when I docker build inside dir1. But I don't want to maintain multiple copies of file.txt. Per this link, as of docker version 0.10, docker build must

Follow symlinks inside container's root for ADD build instructions.

But I get no such file or directory when I build with either of these lines in my Dockerfile:

ADD symlink /path/dirname or ADD symlink/file.txt /path/file.txt

mount option will NOT solve it for me (cross platform...). I tried tar -czh . | docker build -t without success.

Is there a way to make Docker follow the symlink and copy the common_files/file.txt into the built container?


That is not possible and will not be implemented. Please have a look at the discussion on github issue #1676:

We do not allow this because it's not repeatable. A symlink on your machine is the not the same as my machine and the same Dockerfile would produce two different results. Also having symlinks to /etc/paasswd would cause issues because it would link the host files and not your local files.

For anyone else with this problem, please see this link. Personally I opted for the "build a common base image" solution and it works brilliantly.

One possibility is to run the build in the parent directory, with:

$ docker build [tags...] -f dir1/Dockerfile .

(Or equivalently, in child directory,)

$ docker build  [tags...] -f Dockerfile ..

The Dockerfile will have to be configured to do copy/add with appropriate paths. Depending on your setup, you might want a .dockerignore in the parent to leave out things you don't want to be put into the context.

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