Javadoc @link references in Android Studio

I'm trying to generate some javadoc with Android Studio. I'm referring with {@link #method()} a method in the same class as the link but I still get a reference not found error from javadoc. I'm probably omiting something very stupid but I cannot figure out what it is. Does anybody came across with the same problem?


In Android Studio within a javadoc comment, try typing {@ and then hitting ctrl+space to see what pops up...

After choosing link, hit space.

Now try ctrl+space again for a list of all possible classes.

To just make a reference to a method/data within the current class, type # and then ctrl+space to see a list of probably-what-you-want.

Don't forget to make sure the brackets are closed!

The format for the javaDoc lint tag in Android Studio is:

{@link package.class#member label}

Here is more information on javaDoc tags.

I don't know if anyone is still struggling with it but if you are and {@link is not working then make sure your comment block looks something like this

/** * {@link 'your reference' */

make sure that the comment block starts with two * and not one, apparently this works for me in android studio.

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