Get values from Json array in PHP

I'm trying to get the value from this following JSON array in a PHP variable(named $result).

This is a var_dump of the array:

array(1) { [272]=>
    array(1) { 
        [0]=> array(13) { 
            ["actions"]=> array(0) { } 
            ["idle_timeout"]=> int(0) 
            ["cookie"]=> int(0) 
            ["packet_count"]=> int(0) 
            ["hard_timeout"]=> int(0) 
            ["byte_count"]=> int(0) 
            ["length"]=> int(80) 
            ["duration_nsec"]=> int(620000000) 
            ["priority"]=> int(10) 
            ["duration_sec"]=> int(4341) 
            ["table_id"]=> int(0) 
            ["flags"]=> int(0) 
            ["match"]=> array(4) { 
                ["dl_type"]=> int(2048) 
                ["nw_proto"]=> int(1) 
                ["nw_src"]=> string(11) "" 
                ["nw_dst"]=> string(11) "" 

and I need to get the value from ["nw_proto"], ["nw_src"], ["nw_dst"] and ["priority"], after I use json_decode($result[0]) and echo, i got a NULL(array?)

could someone help me out of this array structure, it really confuses me...


You can do something like this:

$priority = $result[272][0]['priority'];  // priority
$nw_proto = $result[272][0]['match']['nw_proto'];  // nw_proto
$nw_src = $result[272][0]['match']['nw_src'];  // nw_src
$nw_dst = $result[272][0]['match']['nw_dst'];  // nw_dst

use $result[272][0] to get to the values you need.

You could also use reset($result) if you always need the first element (in this case key 272) from the $result array.

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