Couldn't get maven version

I'm using Ubuntu and new to maven i started to install maven 3 with


i need to install this version to be convenient with JDK6 after that i extracted this in /opt

then edited in .bashrc

export MVN_HOME="/tmp/apache-maven-3.1.0"
export PATH="$PATH:$MVN_HOME/bin"

i tested mvn -version but got

The program 'mvn' can be found in the following packages: * maven * maven2 Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>


Have you checked which directories are already in $PATH and contain a mvn ?

Change your export statement to

export PATH="$MVN_HOME/bin:$PATH"

in order to make sure that your mvn comes first. Besides that you might want to scan for variants of mvn that are already on your system:

find / -name mvn

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