A visual graph of all dependencies modelled by Maven Central

A previous question on Stack Overflow has shown that it is possible to plot a graph of all modules within a Maven managed project.

I'm wondering if anyone has done and published an authoritative visual representation of all dependencies managed by Maven Central?


there exists a tool which could help achieving your goal, it is called Pom Explorer.

You can find the website here : github.com/ltearno/pom-explorer

It is a tool to work on a graph of maven projects. As a teaser i can say that on my machine it analyzes 4000 pom.xml files in 4 seconds. Then many functionnalities are provided above the analysed pom graph :

  • dependency analysis (who depends on GAV, which gavs this GAV depends on, with transitivity),
  • resolution (pom explorer knows where are defined properties, it manages dependencies and bom imports),
  • manipulation (you can use it to transform you pom graph, let's say if you want many projects to use a new version of a dependency),
  • build (pom explorer analyses your pom graph and knows in which order they should be built, then it builds everything ! it can even watch your projects directories for change),
  • exporting (today there is CSV and a GRAPHML exports),
  • visualization (pom explorer can show you an interactive 3D customizable visualization of your projects graph).

It is in active development right now so don't hesitate to try it, report bugs and ask for useful features ! The documentation is also not complete yet, so again don't hesitate to ask !


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