maven-processor-plugin to ignore undefined symbols

I've JPA 2 maven project and I want to process sources to have the static meta model. What I did I took JBoss' static meta model processor and set it up to run during generate-sources phase. Now, obviously I have some classes that reference the meta model and compilation itself goes fine. But maven-processor-plugin itself generates errors complaining that it can't find symbols from meta model like this:

[INFO] --- maven-processor-plugin:2.2.4:process (process) @ ng-grid-java ---
[ERROR] diagnostic: c:\...\service\position\ cannot find symbol
symbol  : class Position_

Which is logical because it actually generates these classes, but is not right since it brings errors to an otherwise correct project. Or maybe I'm using it wrong? Am I missing something?

Update: I have been able to inhibit the error output by using configuration parameter outputDiagnostics but I'm not sure that's the right way.


The solution could be adding the generated classes to project classpath using the build-helper-maven-plugin, as follows:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""


        <!-- Hibernate JPA metamodel generator -->




            <!-- Plugin to generate JPA metamodel -->
            <!-- Build helper plugin to add generated sources to classpath -->


I have setted the phase-s of the plugins like:

build-helper-maven-plugin --> <phase>process-sources</phase>


maven-processor-plugin --> <phase>compile</phase>

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