Using HTTrack to mirror a single page

I've been attempting to use HTTrack to mirror a single page (downloading html + prerequisites: style sheets, images, etc), similar to the question [mirror single page with httrack][1]. However, the accepted answer there doesn't work for me, as I'm using Windows (where wget "exists" is but actually a wrapper for Invoke-WebRequest and doesn't function at all the same way).

HTTrack really wants to either (a) download the entire website I point it at, or (b) only download the page I point it to, leaving all images still living on the web. Is there a way to make HTTrack download only enough to view a single page properly offline - the equivalent of wget -p?


This is an old post so you might have figured it out by now. I just came across your post looking for another answer about using Python and HTTrack. I was having the same issue you were having and I passed the argument -r2 and it downloaded the images.

My arguments basically look like this: cmd = [httrack, myURL,'-%v','-r2','-F',"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64)",'-O',saveLocation]

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