Apache cordova, ionic & polymer paper elements : android version

I'm actually trying to develop a simple application using Apache Cordova, Ionic and polymer paper elements.

Actually, the app works great on device with version > 4.3 (excluding Jelly Bean so) I'm now looking for something that allows me to use this app with version > 2.2 (Froyo)

I have read the crosswalk documentation, but it seems that it allows only to use on version > 4.0 and it's not what I'm looking for.

So : how can I make my Cordova / Polymer / Ionic application working on Android > 2.2 (permitting me to use every Cordova briges) ?

Thanks for advance


Crosswalk is the answer.


I will also recommend to check this repos

MobileChromeApps https://github.com/MobileChromeApps/mobile-chrome-apps

ChromeDevEditor https://github.com/dart-lang/chromedeveditor

You can easily create an iOS, Android and ChromeApp with just one code base. Is in beta and still needs more development, but i find it really promising.

Hope it helps.

Most of time, the Ionic Framework Layout will cause some trouble when you try to use other Front Framework, but you can use Cordova-Angular-Polymer (The Ionic Base without they're Layout).

If you want, I have a seed that should help: https://github.com/mario-aleo/cordova-angular-polymer-seed

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