Class not found in a CakePHP shell script

I'm trying to include some classes in my shell script in CakePHP but they don't seem to load.

For example I have a class located in


My script looks like this :

App::uses('FindItemType', 'Lib/php-ews/EWSType');

class TestShell extends AppShell {  

    public function main() {

    public function readbox() {
        $request = new EWSType_FindItemType();

This gives an error:

"PHP Fatal error:  Class 'EWSType_FindItemType' not found in "

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.


PHP Exchange Web Services should be installed in the Vendor folder and loaded via App::import().

From the CakePHP 2.x docs:

Your vendor files may not follow conventions, have a class that differs from the file name or does not contain classes. You can load those files using App::import().

In your case:

App::import('Vendor', 'FindItemType', array('file' => 'php-ews/EWSType/FindItemType.php'));

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