What perl web framework to use for the old CGI based perl code?

Yes, while i'm working on node.js, i still love perl, :)

The old web product is based on old perl CGI, i'm looking to the simplest way to fix XSS/Sql injection/etc. web security holes, within a week including testing, :(

So for Catalyst Dancer Mason Maypole Mojolicious

which one should i use in the ARM platform ? Thank you !


You have fallen foul of the primarily opinion-based off-topic categorisation, and your question will probably be closed very soon. However I think it's worth offering a few guidelines here

First of all you should absorb what is written in CGI::Alternatives as it is a reasonable summary of the subject

Next you should separate the HTML generation functionality of your existing CGI code from the interface itself, and consider replacements for each of them separately. If you were to use HTML::Tiny together with CGI::Simple then your code would have to change very little and you would have achieved better partitioning of functionality

Ideally you will move on to one of the many templating systems such as Template Toolkit, together with one of the frameworks, which is the topic of your question. In the end you will need to do a lot of research and many trials to discover how well each framework fits your requirement, in terms of both the feature list and the convenience and clarity of the API

All I can do here is say that I am very fond of the Mojolicious suite and suggest that it may be a good starting point. The API focuses on command chaining in a way similar to Ruby, and there is a Mojolicious::Plugin::CGI accessory which will allow you to execute CGI scripts unchanged during your migration

Note however that all of the frameworks that you mention, as well as several others, will have their proponents. That is why you must make the selection yourself, as such recommendations will be influenced primarily by familiarity, and without your own knowledge of the requirements of your project

Unfortunately I cannot speak to the security issues of the various options, but I hope that has helped a little

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