Add namespace as a dependency in project

Is it feasible to add only this one Leiningen namespace as a dependency in a project (standard project and not lein template)? I found this namespace is originated from lein-newnew (now deprecated) which means at one time this was possible.

I know that I could use whole Leiningen as a dependency and refer only those namespaces that are needed but it doesn't look so optimal - whole Leiningen would be packed in uberjar and I need just few functions from a namespace.


As far as I know, there is no way to just import a namespace from a project (ex. from clojars, maven etc.). It would probably be quite a bit of trouble (think about dependencies, eventual configuration, the namespace may not even be part of the public api...).

So I would either :

  • depend on the whole other project, fortunately in your case you can depend on leiningen-core
  • copy-paste the code into your project (assuming the respective licences allow it of course). This has the added benefit that you will be able to modify it to suit your needs.

You can actually see an example of this "in the wild", in the boot-new repository.

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