What is the difference between Maven build and Maven build... in Eclipse?

I am new to eclipse and programming , so probably a silly question. According to me build just makes jar file but maven install deploys it to local repo thats m2 .

Also there are two options for build ->maven build and-> maven build..

Could u explain me the explain mw the difference between two.


maven build... lets you specify goal and various other build parameter (build profile, offline, update snapshot, other build parameter etc..)

maven build is a pre-defined goal that eclipse maven plugin wraps under,

You could see the first couple line of output for both of the case

Build - Maven phase - compile and prepare ready to distribute package - eg. JAR

Build... - opens eclipse wizzard where you can customize the build

Install - Maven phase - do the same as with Build and install to local artifact (product of Build phase) to local or remote repository. This will allow to use that project as dependency in other projects.

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