Why can't I use Docker CMD multiple times to run multiple services?

I have built a base image from Dockerfile named centos+ssh. In centos+ssh's Dockerfile, I use CMD to run ssh service.

Then I want to build a image run other service named rabbitmq,the Dockerfile:

FROM centos+ssh
CMD /opt/mq/sbin/rabbitmq-server start

To start rabbitmq container,run:

docker run -d -p 222:22 -p 4149:4149 rabbitmq

but ssh service doesn't work, it sense rabbitmq's Dockerfile CMD override centos's CMD.

  1. How does CMD work inside docker image?
  2. If I want to run multiple service, how to? Using supervisor?


Even though CMD is written down in the Dockerfile, it really is runtime information. Just like EXPOSE, but contrary to e.g. RUN and ADD. By this, I mean that you can override it later, in an extending Dockerfile, or simple in your run command, which is what you are experiencing. At all times, there can be only one CMD.

If you want to run multiple services, I indeed would use supervisor. You can make a supervisor configuration file for each service, ADD these in a directory, and run the supervisor with supervisord -c /etc/supervisor to point to a supervisor configuration file which loads all your services and looks like


files = /etc/supervisor/conf.d/*.conf

If you would like more details, I wrote a blog on this subject here: http://blog.trifork.com/2014/03/11/using-supervisor-with-docker-to-manage-processes-supporting-image-inheritance/

You are right, the second Dockerfile will overwrite the CMD command of the first one. Docker will always run a single command, not more. So at the end of your Dockerfile, you can specify one command to run. Not more.

But you can execute both commands in one line:

FROM centos+ssh
CMD service sshd start && /opt/mq/sbin/rabbitmq-server start

What you could also do to make your Dockerfile a little bit cleaner, you could put your CMD commands to an extra file:

FROM centos+ssh
CMD sh /home/centos/all_your_commands.sh

And a file like this:

service sshd start &
/opt/mq/sbin/rabbitmq-server start

While I respect the answer from qkrijger explaining how you can work around this issue I think there is a lot more we can learn about what's going on here ...

To actually answer your question of "why" ... I think it would for helpful for you to understand how the docker stop command works and that all processes should be shutdown cleanly to prevent problems when you try to restart them (file corruption etc).

Problem: What if docker did start SSH from it's command and started RabbitMQ from your Docker file? "The docker stop command attempts to stop a running container first by sending a SIGTERM signal to the root process (PID 1) in the container." Which process is docker tracking as PID 1 that will get the SIGTERM? Will it be SSH or Rabbit?? "According to the Unix process model, the init process -- PID 1 -- inherits all orphaned child processes and must reap them. Most Docker containers do not have an init process that does this correctly, and as a result their containers become filled with zombie processes over time."

Answer: Docker simply takes that last CMD as the one that will get launched as the root process with PID 1 and get the SIGTERM from docker stop.

Suggested solution: You should use (or create) a base image specifically made for running more than one service, such as phusion/baseimage

It should be important to note that tini exists exactly for this reason, and as of Docker 1.13 and up, tini is officially part of Docker, which tells us that running more than one process in Docker IS VALID .. so even if someone claims to be more skilled regarding Docker, and insists that you absurd for thinking of doing this, know that you are not. There are perfectly valid situations for doing so.

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