How to remove all breakpoints in one step in Google Chrome?

How to remove all breakpoints in one step in Google Chrome? Using version 11.


There is now a feature request for this.


The feature request is closed (Dec 2011)!


This is now possible in Sources tab of Chrome Developer Tools. Please see screen grab below.

Since recently (Chrome 18), you can right-click any breakpoint in the Breakpoints pane and voila! The "Remove All JavaScript Breakpoints" popup menu item!

Chrome Devtools crashed everytime I tried to access the Sources panel because of a breakpoint on a minified Javascript file.

To remove all breakpoints without access to the interface, you can do the following:

  1. Open inspector-on-inspector : undock first inspector and hit ctrl+shift+I to open the second
  2. On the inspector-on-inspector console, execute the following:

    window.localStorage.breakpoints = [];
  3. Close the inspectors and reload the page. Now the breakpoints are gone.

Under Sources, you can click button marked with red on picture below or use shortcut Ctrl + F8 just like tool tip is showing (activate / deactivate breakpoints). A little bit lower under 'Breakpoints' you will see all your breakpoints. If you choose to disable all, they will be grayed out.

solution here.

To purge all breakpoints open inspector on inspector (undock first inspector and hit ctrl-shift-I to open the second) and run "WebInspector.settings.domBreakpoints.set([])" in second inspector's console.

Another option is to de-activate all break points using:

Ctrl + F8

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