How to check if all documents are loaded with Firebase.util pagination

How can I check if I have to stop calling the loadMore() function, because all the documents have already been loaded from the database?

In the example below I'm using Ionic, but it's the same also with ng-infinite-scroll in AngularJS apps.

This is my actual code:





JS Controller:

$scope.loadMore = function(){

  console.log('Loading more docs...');

  Items.loadMore();  // calling the .next() method inside the Items service

  if( !Items.hasNext()) { $scope.noMoreItemsToLoad = true; }



JS Items Factory:

.factory('Items', function (FIREBASE_URL, $firebaseArray,  $firebaseObject) {

  var itemsRef = new Firebase(FIREBASE_URL + 'items/');
  var scrollRef = new Firebase.util.Scroll(itemsRef, 'name');

  var self = {
     getAllItems : function(){ ... },

     loadMore: function(){;

     hasNext: function(){
       if(scrollRef.scroll.hasNext()) { return true; }
       else { return false; }

  return self;



Do the in timeout, for example:

 loadMore: function(){
   $timeout(function() {;

I had the same issue and I think the solution is to modify the hasNext() function on firebase.util.js:

Cache.prototype.hasNext = function() {
  return this.count === -1 || this.endCount >= this.start + this.count;

I put a missing equal sign (=) before this.start

I hope it works for you.

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