Can I get a query row by index in ColdFusion?

I want to get a specific row in a ColdFusion Query object without looping over it.

I'd like to do something like this:

<cfquery name="QueryName" datasource="ds">
FROM    tablename

<cfset x = QueryName[5]>

But it's giving me an error saying that the query isn't indexable by "5". I know for a fact that there are more than 5 records in this query.


You can't get a row in CF <= 10. You have to get a specific column.

<cfset x = QueryName.columnName[5]>

It's been 8 years since I posted this answer, however. Apparently CF11 finally implemented that feature. See FrankieZ's answer.

This can now be accomplished in coldfusion 11 via QueryGetRow

<cfquery name="myQuery" result="myresult" datasource="artGallery" fetchclientinfo="yes" >
select * from art where ARTID >
<cfqueryparam value="2" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_INTEGER">

<cfdump var="#myQuery#" >

<cfset data = QueryGetRow(myQuery, 1) >

<cfdump var="#data#" >

I think there is a simpler solution... I am guessing you know your column names and only want this column or that one. Then you don't need to put the whole row in a struct. You can reference the query by row number (remember its 1 based not 0).



You have to convert the query to a struct first:

    function GetQueryRow(query, rowNumber) {
        var i = 0;
        var rowData = StructNew();
        var cols = ListToArray(query.columnList);
        for (i = 1; i lte ArrayLen(cols); i = i + 1) {
            rowData[cols[i]] = query[cols[i]][rowNumber];
        return rowData;

<cfoutput query="yourQuery">
    <cfset theCurrentRow = GetQueryRow(yourQuery, currentRow)>
    <cfdump var="#theCurrentRow#">

Hope this points you in the right direction.

I know I come back to this thread any time I Google "cfquery bracket notation". Here's a function I wrote to handle this case using bracket notation. Hopefully this can help someone else too:

<cffunction name="QueryGetRow" access="public" returntype="array" hint="I return the specified row's data as an array in the correct order">
    <cfargument name="query" required="true" type="query" hint="I am the query whose row data you want">
    <cfargument name="rowNumber" required="true" hint="This is the row number of the row whose data you want">

    <cfset returnArray = []>
    <cfset valueArray = []>

    <cfset cList = ListToArray(query.ColumnList)>
    <cfloop from="1" to="#ArrayLen(cList)#" index="i">
        <cfset row = query["#cList[i]#"][rowNumber]>
        <cfset row = REReplace(row, "(,)", " ")>
        <cfset returnArray[i] = row>
        <cfset i++>
    <cfreturn returnArray>

The REReplace is optional, I have it in there to cleanse commas so that it doesn't screw up the arrayToList function later on if you have to use it.

I wanted to extract a single row from a query, and keeping the column names (of course). This is how I solved it:

<cffunction name="getQueryRow" returntype="query" output="no">
    <cfargument name="qry" type="query" required="yes">
    <cfargument name="row" type="numeric" required="yes">
    <cfset arguments.qryRow=QueryNew(arguments.qry.columnlist)>
    <cfset QueryAddRow(arguments.qryRow)>
    <cfloop list="#arguments.qry.columnlist#" index="arguments.column">
        <cfset QuerySetCell(arguments.qryRow,arguments.column,Evaluate("arguments.qry.#arguments.column#[arguments.row]"))>
    <cfreturn arguments.qryRow>

Methods previously described for obtaining query data by column name and row number (variables.myquery["columnName"][rowNumber]) are correct, but not convenient for getting a full row of query data.

I'm running Railo 4.1. And this is a cool solution. Too bad this can't be done the way we would want outright to get a full row of data, but the following method allows us to get what we want through a few hoops.

When you serializeJSON(variables.myquery) it changes the query to a JSON formatted cfml struct object with two items: "Columns" and "Data". Both of these are arrays of data. The "data" array is a two-dimensional array for rows and then columnar data.

The issue is that now we have an unusable string. Then if we re-serialize it it's NOT a query, but rather usable regular struct in the format described above.

Assume we already have a query variable named 'variables.myquery'. Then look at the following code:

<cfset variables.myqueryobj = deserializeJSON(serializeJSON(variables.myquery)) />

Now you get the two dimensional array by getting this:

<cfset variables.allrowsarray = />

And you get one query row array by getting this:

<cfset variables.allrowsarray =[1] />

OR the last row this way:

<cfset variables.allrowsarray =[variables.myquery.recordCount] />

And you can get individual column values by column order number iteration:

<cfset variables.allrowsarray =[1][1] />

Now this might be slow and possibly unwise with large query results, but this is a cool solution nonetheless.

Check out the documentation for queryGetRow. It accepts a query object and an index of the row with the first row being referenced with the index of 1 (NOT 0) The index used this way is required to be a positive integer.

<cfquery name="QueryName" datasource="ds">
  FROM tablename

    This would retrieve the first record of the query
    and store the record in a struct format in the variable 'x'.
<cfset x = queryGetRow(QueryName, 1) />
    This is an alternative using the member method form of queryGetRow
<cfset x = QueryName.getRow(1) />

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