Shell script giving errors in ksh

I have a script which runs fine when executed in Bash shell (with Red Hat Linux), however this same script which fails on a Solaris 10 (DB) server where ksh is being used to execute this script. This script basically reads line by line from a file and executes a stored proc (in Oracle). Below is my script :


for i in $(cat subscriber.txt); do

        sqlplus -s myuser/myuser  <<EOF
        execute delete_learnings($SUBSCRIBER_ID);

The error I get is :

./ syntax error at line 3: `$' unexpected

Any idea what might be going wrong? Should I change the script to have the ksh? I am not able to debug on this machine since it's a customer environment (which I don't have access to).


The issue is the $(...) construction which is POSIX compliant but unsupported by the legacy Bourne shell which /bin/sh is on Solaris 10 and older.

You can either replace your shebang to call the Solaris POSIX compliant shell:


or use this legacy syntax (less recommended):

for i in `cat subscriber.txt`; do

you are trying to execute a sh( bourne shell) script on ksh (Korn shell). Try changing the shebang (#!/bin/bash) to (#!/bin/ksh)

Looping over text files with for is a bad idea, anyway. See the recommended syntax is more portable, too:

while read stuff; do
    : things with "$stuff"
done <subscriber.txt

You would normally use read -r but I don't know if that's available on Solaris.

However, very often, a shell loop is altogether the wrong approach. A single SQL invocation is a lot better and more robust:

( sed 's/.*/execute delete_learnings(&);/'
  printf "commit;\nEXIT\n" ) |
sqlplus -s myuser/myuser

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